Otvoren poziv za delegate 47. regionalnog zasedanja Evropskog parlamenta mladih Srbije


The European Youth Parliament Serbia is delighted to announce the 47th Regional Session of EYP Serbia, which will be held in Novi Sad, from the 27th of February to the 1st of March. It’s part of 3 Regional Sessions of EYP Serbia in 2020. The Regional Sessions are three day sessions designed to introduce students to the European Youth Parliament. This session will gather 84 delegates, all from different schools in this area. During this session, we will introduce delegates to our organisation and the elements of a session. The first day will consist of the Teambuilding and an introduction to Committee Work, the second day will be about writing the resolution and presenting it on the General Assembly on the third day.


Application for delegates of the 47th Regional Session of EYP Serbia in Novi Sad


This session will be head-organised by Dora Šereš (RS). If you have any questions regarding the sessions you can contact her at rsns2020eyp@gmail.com or by contacting Luka Poljak (RS), the NC Board Representative, at luka.poljak@eyp.rs.

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