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Starbucks Foundation Grant for Youth


 Organizations which have been implementing youth-focused programs can apply in the current round of grant cycle of the Starbucks Foundation. Nonprofits in the US and NGOs in other countries can apply for this funding opportunity.

Applicants should exhibit the following qualities:

* Deliver services to youth, ages 6 – 24
* Preference will be given to organizations that focus on young people in the age range of 12 and older, when they are able to take independent action
* Provides opportunity to combine learning with action that support communities and further global citizenship
* Deliver services, disseminate information, provide training and/or build broad networks
* Provide opportunities for Starbucks partners and multiple stores to be engaged in community service

Activites can include providing training to young people to develop necessary skills and knowledge to incubate ideas, identify and assess community needs, create a plan of action, execute a plan and evaluate outcomes against goals; building ongoing leadership capacity and long term engagement ofyoung people; and communicating young peoples’ success stories through various media (print, video, web based).

Organizations should demonstrate sustainability of their proposed work. Funding to each selected organization can be between $10,000 and $30,000 and 10% of the budget should be allocated “to provide resources (supplies, communication materials, staff time) needed for Starbucks partners and others to participate in community service to support the organization.” The Foundation will accept only Letter of Inquiry (LOI) initially. Full grant proposal has to be submitted after the Foundation requests it. The deadline to submit LOI is 30 January 2010.

For more information, visit this link.