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University of Padova – 15 PhD grants for foreign students


 The University of Padova, through the funding of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo, offers research fellowships for foreign students to attend Doctoral Schools/International Courses. During the 3-year doctoral programme, successful candidates will be offered full board and lodging. Criteria:
• foreign (non-Italian) citizenship
• foreign (non-Italian) residence
• foreign (non-Italian) academic qualification acknowledged as equivalent to the Diploma di Laurea/ Laurea Specialistica/Magistrale (at least four years of full time university education).

Applicants must submit two copies of the application form fully and correctly completed in all its details.

Application forms must arrive together with the documents listed below, by 4th September 2008.

The documents:
• Certificate of the academic qualification with the list of the examinations and the marks,
• Two letters of reference by professors or experts who supervised candidates in their studies and research. The letters must be submitted in a sealed envelope, signed by the professor/expert and returned with the application form;
• A dissertation abstract (3-10 pages), if a dissertation was written in order to achieve the degree;

All the above mentioned documents must be in Italian or English or accompanied by a translation in Italian or English.

Signed application forms must be posted to the following address:
Università degli Studi di Padova
Servizio formazione alla ricerca
via VIII febbraio 1848 n. 2,
35122 – Padova, Italia

All the neccessary information you can find here.