Internship in Carnation Group in Belgrade


Attention, Curious Ones in Belgrade!
On the verge of finishing studies? Lacking that overmystified field experience? Being indecisive which industry to get into? Look no further, as we have the perfect starting spot for you.
As our INTERN IN BELGRADE, you will have a taste of
– finance workflows, as you communicate with the accountant
– client relationship management
– finding the way in the document jungle
– logistics by the good-old office stuff
– acquiring analytical skills during market research
– facing bizz development challenges

Hopefully, you are
– a communicator excelling both in writing and talking
– a digital-freak as us
– eager to learn
– open for challenges
– not afraid of responsibilities
– a team-player
– speak this lENGuage

apply @: by tossing your CV and cover letter at us no later than 30/11/12