International Youth Conference 2009


 The International Youth Conference is a creative space for 150 talented youth from around countries in the world to share their experiences, thought, awareness and understanding on how to establish peace. This event will be organized by the State Ministry of Youth and Sport of Republic of Indonesia, National Commission of Indonesia to UNESCO of the Ministry of National Education in Collaboration with UNESCO Jakarta Office, Local Government of Banten and West Java Provinces. Theme: "The Role of Youth to Establish Peace, Toward a Future World without Violent Radicalization" The conference would be held on September 28 to October 2, 2009, in Banten and Bandung West Java, Indonesia. The agendas of the Conference are Seminar, Working Group Discussion, Focus Group Discussion, Fieldtrip, etc.

Total participants are expected about 150, aged 18-30 years old from around the world will be selected by the committee. The qualification : interested in peace issues, representative of youth organizations or institutions, have a good command in English to actively participate in discussion, and interested in youth development. The Registration of participants should have been received by the committee before September 11, 2009. (deadline). All participants are advised to submit the duly completed registration forms to the Secretariat by fax +62 (21) 5738150/52 and preferably by email no later than deadline time. Therefore, all detail of flight information should be received by September 17 2009. For registration form could be downloading at

The committee will cover accommodation, meal, local transport and conference package. The participant should cover international airfare travel expenses and personal expenses: telephone call, telephone call to mobile phone, messages transmitted via telex or facsimile, laundry, other hotel services, etc.

For Accomodation : all participant will be accommodated in Marbela Hotel, Banten Province for 28-30 September 2009 and in Bandung Hotel, West Java Province on 1-2 October 2009.

All participant must register and obtain their identification passes at the Registration Counter. For identification and security purposes, all participants are requested to wear their identification passes at all times during the conference and including for fieldtrip and sightseeing.

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