Youth information and Youth policy: Europe and Montenegro Seminar


 In partnership with CIJ (Luxemburg Youth Information Network), ERYICA (European Youth Information and Counseling Agency), Forum MNE (Youth organization from Montenegro), and MISSS (Youth Information and Counseling centre of Slovenia), a SEMINAR about youth information at European level and its development in Balkan region called "Youth information and Youth policy: Europe and Montenegro" will be organized.

If the project will be granted support by National Agency of Youth in Action Programme of Luxembourg (Youth in Action Programme, Action 3.1) the seminar will take place in Tivat / Kotor (Montenegro) in the period of 8 – 13th December 2008.

Also all accommodation, activity as well as 70% of travel costs will be covered by the agency. Final answer about the grant is expected late October.

The seminar will offer possibilities for sharing experiences in youth work between ERYICA members and other participants, develop common projects, discuss the means for strengthening the youth information structure in the Balkan region, and explore options for joining ERYICA network.

Seminar participants will meet ERYICA representatives and member organizations; hence advantages and opportunities of participating in ERYICA network activities and eventual membership in ERYICA network will be introduced and discussed.

Main aims of the seminar:

– Mutual exchange of experiance in the youth field

– Exploring networking opportunities

– Informing about European priorities in the youth field

– Contribution to development of youth policy in the Balkans

Each organisation will be allowed to appoint one participant who should have:

– professional experience: participants need to be skilled in the field of youth information and acquainted with the state of policies in the youth field in their country

– leading role in organisation: participants have to be representatives of their organisations or project leaders, aware of strategic priorities and ongoing projects and activities, able to take decisions and commit the organisation to partnership in new projects and in ERYICA network

Participants will be requested to present projects of their organisations, policies in the youth field of their country and eventual role of their organisation in ERYICA network.

If you are interested in taking part in the seminar, please:

1. Fill, print, sign in original and send to MISSS the attached partnership form by August 22nd at the address:


Kunaverjeva 2

1000 Ljubljana


2. Send CV of the person who will attend the seminar (by e-mail & in original by post).

3. Also send a scanned version to e-mail: or by fax: +386 1 510 16 70, as soon as possible.

Please note that the maximum number of participants has been set at 30, so please send your application as soon as possible.

I hope that we will work jointly on strengthening youth information work in Balkans and Europe. Thank you in advance for your applications and if you have any questions or remarks on the issue please do not hesitate to contact us (contact persons: Tanja Novakovic).

Partnershipn form -Youth information Seminar Tivat_Kotor.doc (42KB)

Best regards!

Tanja Novakovic

Youth information worker & Counsellor

Zavod MISSS, Mladinsko informativno svetovalno sredisèe Slovenije,

Youth Information and Counselling Centre of Slovenia

Kunaverjeva 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana


tel./fax.: +386 (0)1 510 16 70


Jelena Miljanic

Forum MNE


ul. Bratstva i jedinstva 4

81000 Podgorica

Montenegro – Crna Gora

tel . + 382 81 602 710

fax. +382 82 602 710

mob. +382 69 319 889