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UN Seminars on Peacekeeping and Global Terrorism in the Balkans


 Academic Solutions is very pleased to invite applications for our two UN seminars on PEACEKEEPING IN THE FORMER YUGOSLAVIA: FROM THE DAYTON ACCORD TO KOSOVO and GLOBAL TERRORISM. The participation fee for each seminar is 295 euros with a discounted rate of 545 euros for both. These official UN short courses will be delivered from 7th-9th July at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia by Dr. Giovanni Ercolani, UNITARPOCI Research Associate, who will present a UN perspective on both topics as well as discuss his own military and defence experience in the region. Each seminar consists of three intensive three-hour meetings combining lecture, discussion and visual presentations.

The seminar on Peacekeeping in the former Yugoslavia will address New & Old Wars, Civil Wars, Ethnic Conflicts, Understanding Peacekeeping, Understanding Conflict Resolution, The Dayton Accord, UN/NATO operations, Role of the Media and the Kosovo crisis.

The Global Terrorism seminar is designed to offer a basic introduction to this complex problem. Topics will include, The Phenomenon of Terrorists, Nature and Matrices of Terrorism, Profile of Terrorists and their Organisations, Structure and Operating Tactics, Protagonists and Geopolitical Areas, Supporters and Criteria of Monitoring, The Use of Force and Future Threats in Terrorism Worldwide, Counter-terrorism, the UN and NATO. Please see the full description here

Successful participants will be awarded certificates from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. Transfer credit is available.

Please note that space in each seminar is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

I would be delighted to answer any queries about this UN seminar.

Ryan Lorenz
Director, Academic Solutions