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Call for author articles – IBalkanYou


logoAibyIBalkanYou is a virtual platform for young people who can use it as a free and healthy space to express themselves by writing author articles in English on topics and issues that young people share in the region. By connecting several social networks, we would like to encourage youth from the Balkans (and beyond) to share their stories and opinions, in order to present, discuss and learn something new about different experiences, cultures and traditions.


We invite you to write articles in English, share photographs and post comments on ibalkanyou.com related to the topics of your interest from the social, political, cultural life, business and private sphere. There are no limits for ideas, the floor is all yours!

We will reward the best articles with 30$, so we encourage you to start typing.

Find us on FB, Instagram and Twitter and start using #IBalkanYou.