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Join the No Hate Speech Movement! Become an online volunteer for the youth campaign for human rights online (2013-2014)


The first Training workshop for online volunteers will be on 15-16 April 2013, European Youth Centre Budapest.

The Youth Department of the Council of Europe calls upon young human rights and online activists interested to act as volunteer activists in our online campaign against hate speech to read and apply for this unique opportunity! The campaign is based on a European platform and programme of activities run by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. The online volunteers are activists with special competencies and role for the online Campaign platform and tools. They are key actors in the campaign, particularly in the European and national aspects. They are the ones to shape and build the online community and to ensure the content of the online platform.

The online volunteers role will be to:

  • create and maintain an active community around the platform and the campaign through reach-out initiatives to young people through online and offline means;
  • support the community to feed-in content on the platform, as it is very much user-focused, and work with the content provided;
  • develop and plan the monthly focus of the content;
  • develop, plan and implement the European Action Days together with the staff of the campaign, the partners mobilised for each action;
  • facilitate the online community and in coordination with the Online community manager solve any problems that might occur;
  • support the development of tools and of the platform and campaign in general;
  • liaise with national campaign committees, in supporting them with training, customisation of platform to national needs, linking the debates at national level with the ones at European level and ensuring communication and mutual support.
  • Equally they will liaise with youth organisations and young people.

The training workshop aims to support the group of online volunteer activists of the campaign to develop their competences in managing the platform of the campaign, to get to know each other, learn about the campaign and plan their work together. The training workshop will have a hands-on approach and will be a first step in the organisation of work to be done together. The selected participants will also have the chance to identify further learning needs that can be addressed via different online means of learning or potential meetings. The training workshop is organised on non-formal education approaches and will feature a high level of participation and interactivity. A team of trainers, facilitators and experts will lead the training course.

You can download the detailed call below.

For further information, read the appended document and/or please do contact Ms Anca Ruxandra Pandea, Educational Advisor, anca-ruxandra.pandea@coe.int or Mr. Peter Zelenka, Programme assistant, peter.zelenka@coe.int.