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International Youth Leadership Conference, Prague


lova2The main objective of the IYLC is to facilitate an exchange of ideas across an ethnically diverse and socially responsible group of young international leaders. The conference blends social interaction with cultural and educational components into one cohesive experience. Our organisation, Civic Concepts International, believes in the learning method of direct, hands-on experience. In our simulation activities, students have the opportunity to test their leadership skills, debate current issues, deliver speeches, draft resolutions, make executive decisions, and realize through experience the complexities of international relations. By participating in simulations that recreate a United Nations Security Council crisis meeting, an International Criminal Court hearing, and a model European Parliament session, students begin to understand international relations and relationships through practice as opposed to theory (as taught in their university curriculum). Their interaction provokes communication and dialogue that, throughout the week, provides an unparalleled learning experience and cross-cultural adventure.

With a wide range of nationalities participating in the conference, we stress cross-cultural understanding and an open-minded exchange of different national perspectives on global issues. Among the many events packed into the week, the IYLC recognizes communication, cooperation, and dialogue to be the most important aspect of the conference. The individuals that create the conference are each other’s best resource in uncovering the similarities and differences between people from different backgrounds coming from diverse geographical locations. By bringing over 30 nationalities together, and exposing them to real world issues, we are strengthening relationships and cooperation between cultures and creating a network between the future leaders of the world.

IYLC student sponsors and alumni agree that the International Youth Leadership Conference is an excellent forum for young leaders to benefit from the experiential learning and cross-cultural exchange of ideas with like-minded students from around the world.

The cost of the Observers Program is 980 Euro. This includes: transfer to and from the Prague airport, single-room accommodation, all meals and transportation during the conference, copies of all conference and reading materials, and accompaniment by a facilitator.

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Application deadline: December 10, 2010

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