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Program studentske prakse u Microsoft Razvojnom centru Srbija


mladi20Centar za razvoj karijere i savetovanje studenata Univerziteta u Beogradu poziva zainteresovane studente završnih godina, apsolvente i diplomce  Univerziteta u Beogradu- Matematičkog, Fizičkog fakulteta, ETFa i FONa da se prijave za Program studentske prakse u Microsoft Razvojnom centru Srbija

Intern Software Design Engineer

(Summer 2010)

from 2 to 5 positions

Microsoft Development Center Serbia has five open positions for smart, flexible and driven Software Design Engineers – Interns during the summer of 2010. The positions are aligned with existing project teams at MDCS:


  • SQL Server Beyond Relational (Spatial , XML, Data Mining and Semantic Analysis)
  • Ink Analysis
  • Microsoft Math


Our interns have an opportunity to learn how to apply the most modern algorithms in various areas of applied mathematics.  Depending on the exact team assignment, our interns will explore the innovative visualization techniques in the context of developing shipping software or will be working on some of the most sophisticated server software in the industry.


Summer interns are treated as equals and are assigned the most attractive and challenging assignments. As an intern, you will collaborate with the several Microsoft product teams in Redmond and with Microsoft’s top researchers across the company. Intern projects are used to explore new ideas that will become basis of the future MSFT products.


We offer an open and dynamic work environment and a competitive compensation package. You will be assigned a mentor who will guide you through your internship.


Required qualifications include:


  • Passed all exams at the first two years of CS or equivalent university degree (e.g. EE, math …)
  • Strong mathematical, statistical and algorithmic background, rock-solid problem solving skills
  • Solid coding skills in either C, C++, Java or C# and overall software engineering skills
  • English proficiency at speaking, reading and writing level (email


  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills


The start date and the length of the internship are flexible. Typical start date is around July 1st and typical duration of an internship is 3 months.




in cc of the e-mail: saradnja@razvojkarijere.bg.ac.rs