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Balkans – Let’s get up!


racunar4Learning project management | Changing your society | Finding friends from all over the Balkans. A Seminar in Sremski Karlovci – April 19-25 (start after breakfast) Corrupt politicians, boring lectures at university, empty plastic bottles on the riverside, people who care just about themselves — are you familiar with these problems? We are convinced that everybody can change something in his/her society, because we experienced it ourselves.

During the seminar…

… you are going to discuss the problems of your societies with other young people from the Balkans. Boring?! We use creative, sometimes crazy, certainly practical methods. You will learn the basics of project management and intercultural communication and develop your own small project. Depending on further funding of our program, you will receive a scholarship to implement your own project.

The seminar is run by four young, international and experienced trainers.


  • 18 – 27 years
  • able to communicate in English (not necessarily fluent)
  • citizen of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania or Serbia.


5 €, all cost are covered, travel expenses will be refunded.


Until 20th March 2010: >>apply now (new window)


Flyer with all informations: >> .pdf