pastarchives.jpgThe Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights network organises Summer School 2007 on "HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION AND YOUTH PARTICIPATION IN THE EUROMED REGION". It will be held on 23 – 29 July in Limassol, Cyprus.

1. Objectives of the Summer School

The summer school aims at:
– Creating and building a better understanding of Human Rights Education among participants in an engaging and empowering manner.
– Providing resources and materials for use by participants during and after the Summer School with a focus on the Euromed region and its human rights mechanisms.
– Exploring human rights education methodologies and tools to be developed and delivered at a regional and local level within the Euromed region.
– Facilitating the development of personal action plans.

It also intends to:
– Support capacity building in human rights education on organizational and personal levels and to foster greater understanding and delivery of human rights education activities organizationally, personally and within the Network as a whole.
– Share ideas and methodologies used in human rights education for the purposes of promoting and delivering human rights values and human rights education approaches in the Euromed region.
– Explore ways of co-operation within the field of human right education in the Euromed region, following the outcomes of the Summer School.

2. Participants: assortment criteria

The summer school addresses a wide range of individuals but will be mainly focusing on young defenders of human rights and also members of NGOs working with young people.

Three criteria are obligatory:
• The participants' age must be between 18-35 years.
• They must be competent in at least one of two languages: English and Arabic.
• They must have been active in human rights NGO/ CSO working with youth.

Other valuable criteria for the selection of the candidates:

Formal education:
– Teachers who are inclined to work on human rights related issues – civics, history, social science, literature – that is, those who have a potential to integrate human rights learning in their regular teaching.
– Teachers who are involved in extra curriculum activities which have a human rights connection.

Informal education:
– Trainers in human rights education from EMHRN member NGOs.
– Individuals working with youth groups.
– Members/guides/counsellors in Human Rights NGOs.
– Members/guides/counsellors within youth NGOs.

Teacher trainers:
– Those who train teachers and possess the above characteristics.

Individuals working in Human Rights Education:
– Involved with EMHRN member organizations.
– Involved with non-EMHRN member Human Rights NGOs.
– Involved in non-human rights organizations but with potential for human rights work/involvement such as a public or private school, a youth organization or an academic institution.

Individuals with a demonstrable Human Rights interest / experience / knowledge.
A minimum familiarity is necessary.

Application form

Deadline for the applications will be the 11th June 2007.

All applicants selected in the first round of selection will be also interviewed (e.g. by phone). Successful applicants will be notified by 29th June 2007.

If you have any general questions on the Summer School, please contact the Working Group Project Co-ordinator, Ms. Nour Hemici by e-mail, at nour@euromedrights.net or by phone, at + 45 32 64 17 24.

Please, send your completed application to the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) – either by e-mail or fax – not later than 11th June 2007.

Nour Hemici, Project Co-ordinator for Human Rights Education and Youth, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN), Tel: + 45 32 64 17 24, Fax: + 45 32 64 17 01, E-mail: nour@euromedrights.net

Correspondence Address: EMHRN, Vestergade 16, 2nd Floor, DK – 1456 Copenhagen K, Denmark

For further information visit http://www.euromedrights.net/pages/52/