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IFSA photo competition


fknag.jpgYou will find in the `Photos` section of IFSA world yahoo group an album where you can enter a photo into the competition. Simply add your photo to the `IFSA Photo Competition` album and label it with your name and email address.

Conditions of entry :
– the photo must have been taken in a forest (for example it could be a photo of forestry students in a beautiful location, it could be a photo of wildlife in the forest, a stunning sunset etc. – be creative and have fun!)
– the photo must have been taken by an IFSA student.
– there is a limit of three photo submissions per person
The winner will be announced at this year`s International Forestry Students` Symposium in Sth Africa and over IFSA world yahoo groups.
The winning photo will become the introduction picture to website.
Everyone is invited to participate and the competition closes on the 16th of June, 2007.
Remember to keep checking the photo album to see what talented photographers we have in forestry!

Rok za konkurisanje : 16.06.2007.