Join Belgrade University Alumni Organization – Over 3000 Strong!


 Our Belgrade University Anniversary event is drawing nearer, and we hope you will have time to participate in the Anniversary celebration and official founding of the Alumni Association. If you are still undecided about it,

 maybe the program of the event will help you in deciding. But, coming or not, if you haven't already, you should sign up to become a Belgrade University Alumni Association member!

Also, we would like to ask you for a favor: this is an important initiative in the history of Belgrade University , and we would like to ask you to spread the word about it and reach as many people as you can. Please forward this e-mail to all the people as think might be interested to hear about BU Alumni and participate in our initiative.

At the moment, we have over 3000 alumni, and more than 200 people are registered to attend the anniversary. But, as they say – the more, the merrier, so please help us spread the word!

Thank you,
Belgrade University Alumni Organizing Team