Scholarships for International Student Exchange for students from South and East Europe


for International Student Exchange for students from South and East Europe for the Academic Year 2009/20010.
1. Scholarships from the University of Ljubljana Scholarship Fund are intended for the funding of short term student exchanges for students from East and South Europe with Institutions of Higher Education appointed by the University of Ljubljana.
Scholarships are awarded to students who hold student status at a foreign university, which has an agreement for student exchanges with the University of Ljubljana and students of the University of Ljubljana. Scholarships cannot be awarded to students for the first year of study. 2. For the academic year 2009/20010 the Administrative Council is offering approximately 70 scholarships in the amount of 400 € per month, totalling 280 months.

3. Students who will be selected and awarded the scholarship by the enterprise TRIMO, Engineering and Production of Pre-fabricated Buildings are obliged, after finishing their studies to do practical training in TRIMO if the donor decides so. The length of the practical training will be equal to the length of the awarded scholarship period for studies.
Student refusing to do practical training if so decides the donor are obliged to return the received scholarship with the interest for delay.

4. Regular students of the University of Ljubljana and students of foreign universities, with which the University of Ljubljana has an agreement for student exchanges in the current year or longer time period, may apply for a scholarship.
Applications for scholarships for the 2009/2010 academic year must be submitted by candidates by April 15, 2009.

5. The following must be attached to the application:
– confirmation of enrolment in the current academic year,
– confirmation of passed examinations and combined average grade scores,
– short resume,
– personal statement outlining why the candidate has enrolled for study and reasons for choice of the study program and Institution selected for such study,
– recommendations from two professors; each recommendation is to be placed in its own sealed envelope and signed by the writer of the recommendation along the edge of the seal of the envelope; such signature is to be taped over with clear adhesive tape,
– application form,
– learning agreement signed by Home institution and Host institution.

Candidates must send their application together with all supporting documents to: Komisija za štipendije Štipendijskega sklada UL, Univerza v Ljubljani, Kongresni trg 12, 1000 Ljubljana.

Application deadline: April 15, 2009.

All information concerning the selection procedure for scholarships is available to candidates from Jerneja Čelofiga, tel. +38612418542 or electronic mail: or visit

6. After the expiry of the due date for submission of applications, the Committee for Scholarships will, by 30 April,2009 examine the applications and determine if they are timely, correct and complete.
Incomplete applications will not be examined by the Committee. Late applications will be returned unopened to scholarship candidates by the Committee.

The Committee for Scholarships will select from those candidates who have submitted correctly completed applications and satisfy the criteria:
– average grade score,
– student's motivation and knowledge of the study programme at the Host institution,
– recommendation letters,
– other circumstances determining the suitability of a particular candidate.

Decision is final by the time when candidate provides confirmation that they satisfy the criteria for enrolment in a higher year of study at their home Faculty and confirmation of acceptance for study at the host University. Both conformations must be provided by the 25 of September.

7. The Committee will notify candidates, who have submitted correctly completed applications, of its selection by May 15, 2009. The decision of the Committee is final.