Name:  “Art-area” (arterija)
Date: 15.07.2008. – 28.07.2008.
Number of volunteers: 10 foreign + 5 domestic

Becej is a small town with 25000 people in it, there are lots of beutyfull sites. Camp will be placed in a park in the center of Becej. With this camp volunteers work will incurage non-afirmativ artists to expose themselves and not to be afraid of critics – volunteers will give them example!!! Main subject of the camp and volunteers work will be peace. Promoting peace in  multietnical town like Becej will be more then nessesery because of lack of intercultural communication.

W:  Volunteers will work in grups or all together. During the camp their job will be easy, painting, woodcracking and painting murals. Volunteers will throught their work promote peace. Local artists will come to visite volunteers  and help them if they are needed.    Also non-afirmativ artists will be more the then welcome to join volunteers.  At the end of camp there will be big exibition of all art products  in gallery.

A: At afternoons volunteers will be free to go to see the sites of Becej. Also they will be able to visit castle near Becej, Novi Becej – town next to Becej, Novi Sad, lake and river Tisa.

F: Food will be made by volunteers.

LA: English.

LO: Becej is typical, multinational town in Vojvodina, more than 900 years old, situated on right bank of river Tisa, 50km north from Novi Sad. There are a numerous cultural – historical monuments and  more than 12 different nationalities.

T: Becej

Ac: Voluteers are going to sleep in tents in Goranski park near youth club. Sleeping mats and sleeping bags are nessesery. Toilets and shouvers are close to park in sports center.

X: Please bring something thet will represent your culture and country where you came from. Good will and  humor are more than welcome!!!

Vojislav Prkosovački
Saradnik za mlade Opštine Becej
021/6911-720 lok.138

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