Kindergarten BG


 Name:  “Kindergarten BG
Date: 11.08.2008. – 22.08.2008.

Number of volunteers: 5 domestic + 10 foreign

Kindergarten BG

Bačko Gradište (Bacsfőldvar-Hungarian) is typical multinational settlement in the municipality of Bečej, more than 900 years old, with 5455 inhabitants. It is situated on right bank of river Tisa, 35km from Novi Sad, capitol of northern autonomn privince Vojvodina. There are a numerous cultural and historical monuments, more than 12 different nationalities and it is perfect example of tolerant place in the heart of Vojvodina.

Somebody have pearls around the neck, somebody on the earring but Bačko Gradište have one special pearl, “Pearl island”, the place where a lot of people from places around like to spent their summer holidays and free time fishing, swimming, barbecuing etc. Aside from this pearl, old Tisa is running slowly by, the river and area which will be safeguarded in 2008 by national law of environment protection. Bačko Gradište is green oasis and this way of thinking is spreading around the whole municipality from youngest to the oldest. Kindergarten which will be renovated is a part of this thinking and one idea of creating beautifu and safe environment for kids of Bačko Gradište.


W: Volunteers will work on designing and reconstruction of the one part of the kindergartens yard which is overgrown in weed. Work is consist of tilth, planting, painting the swings and little train etc. Also, painting the new wall is considered as far as the brand new stork stake. Volunteers will have proffesional help for arranging the place.

Volunteers will aslo be involved in preparation of intercultural evenings in the park, parties, film projections.

A: Workcamp will be situated in the kindergarten near the center of  Backo Gradiste. Sleeping bags are necessary. All meals will be made by volunteers in the kindergarten kitchen. Showers and toilettes are nearby.

S: Various workshops, visit to swimming pool in Becej and river Tisa, excursions by bikes to »Pearl island« and Bečej mere. Also, volunteers will have opportunity to visit orthodox and catholic churches. During the camp, volunteers will have opportunity to enjoy in the night life in Backo Gradiste and to meet local inhabbitants through the two manifestations, »Fish dish« contest and traditional village celebration. Volunteers will have visit to local municipality. Volunteers will be introduced with our traditions and customs.

L: English.

Q: No special qualifications are required.

T: Bečej

X: Please bring some caracteristic games and/or food from your country. Working gloves, sleeping bags, swimming suit and sun protection.

Sence of humor is more than welcome!

Vojislav Prkosovački
Saradnik za mlade Opštine Becej
021/6911-720 lok.138

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