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Campaign “…for a better society”


The European Projects Association asblin partnership with the European Academy for Education and Social Research and the European Economic and Social Committee has launched a Campaign carried out under the meaningful name

One of the aims of the Campaign is to reward the projects finished and ongoing financed by the European Union which had a great positive impact on a specific community, territory and sector. Besides that, the Campaign aspires to reach the goal of visibility and stronger cross boarder partnerships by rewarding the most innovative and yet beneficial project ideas submitted by professionals and young researchers. This part of the Campaign is called the European Projects Awards and is fully supported by the European Economic and Social Committee which gave their premises for the Awarding ceremony on the 28th November 2012.

The winners of the three categories (finished, ongoing and project ideas) will be rewarded with valuable prizes as will the voters and the people who nominate projects for the competition.

The Campaign “…for a better society” gives the attention to another group of people who can contribute to an improvement of the everyday life quality not through projects but through art. The Viral Movement is the second part of the Campaign “…for a better society” and its aim is to place on the map the young artists who express their views and their contribution to a better European society through photos. Their standpoint on the current issues expressed through photography can subsequently lead to new project ideas developed by the target group prized in the European Projects Awards initiative.

The third component of the Campaign is the Europa News section which is dedicated to the most current news regarding the European issues. Besides news, this section on MyEuropa platform will be dedicated to report on the activities of the organizations which work with an aim to strengthen the relationship between Regions and European Institutions (Regional offices, cities and municipalities, associations, etc.). The organizers of the Campaign “…for a better society” are aware of how difficult it is for young researchers to gain visibility and publish their research works and articles. Therefore the opportunity will be given to young researchers and students to submit their articles and researches to EuropaNews section on MyEuropa by e-mail at awards@europeanprojects.org. The best works will be selected and published on EuropaNews, mentioned on the Awarding Ceremony and published in the “…for a better society” catalogue distributed on the Awarding ceremony.

The sole purpose of the Campaign “…for a better society” is to connect people whose aim is to make a difference and contribute to a better more meaningful development of Europe and consequently the entire world.