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BEOGRADSKI LIFTOVI istrazivacka avantura


There are around 12 000 elevators in Belgrade. The oldest of them has been in use for 77 years. Average age of elevators in Belgrade is over 30 years. Although normally period of elevator service is 25 years… What’s their story?

BEOGRADSKI LIFTOVI istrazivacka avantura sa Darijusom, EVS volonterom iz Litvanije
22. AVGUST 2012

Elevator – is it just a vertically moving car / means to move between the floors? What if we turned our down-to-earth perception upside down and gave the way to our imagination?

Have you ever thought that using elevator is an inseparable part of our every day’s life? Indeed we are more dependent on these machines than we could imagine. Once they stop working we have to change our daily habits.

The ELEVATOR TRIP will be organized on the 22th of August. If you would like to participate, you should apply by the 20th of August by filling in the application form and sending it back to darius@mis.org.rs. The workshop can invite only up to 16 people. So, first comes, first served!

In the application form you should write the address of one particular elevator in one of the municipalities in Belgrade that according to you would be the most interesting elevator in Belgrade -Weirdest, Most colorful, Funniest, Creepiest, Least safe, Scariest etc. During the workshop, there will be 3-4 groups formed. Each participant will lead the group to his/her own elevator of choice and explain why they think it is the funniest/creepiest/least safe etc. Each group will have the task to make as interesting as possible photos or videos, which would later on be put on voting among Young Researchers of Serbia Facebook page with more than 4600 people! All the groups will have their work presented in Studentski kulturni centar in September.

This is a unique chance to see Belgrade from a different prospective and to learn about one part of its history.
Application by 20.08.
Meeting in the office of YRS and explaining the rules, getting to know each other. 22.08. 12.00-13.00 h
Elevator trip 22.08. 13.00 – 17.00 h
Collecting results and sharing stories at the YRS office. Defining tasks for material editing. Learning about the history of elevators in Belgrade and about interesting anegdots 22.08. 18.00 – 19.00 h
Each group’s video and/or photos will be put on Facebook competition, by 27.08.
Results published by 3th of September
Presentation of all the group’s work in SKC by the end of September


Application form to be sent by 20.08.