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Training course “Roma Youth Participation In Youth Policy Process”


sample_1Roma Youth Centre announces the call for participants for the training course “Roma Youth Participation In Youth Policy Process”. This training course will take place in Struga, Macedonia from 20-25 March 2012.
We hereby kindly ask you to recruit participants from your organizations that will be able to participate at the training course and give back their knowledge and skills in the topics to the project within the organization. Individuals without NGO support are eligible to apply too.
The training will gather 24 young Roma and Non Roma workers and leaders. Non Roma applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.
Only participants from the following countries are eligible to apply:

–    Hungary            –    Albania
–    Bulgaria            –    Serbia
–    Romania           –    Bosnia & Herzegovina
–    Turkey              –    Macedonia
Participants are encouraged to note in the application form the cheapest kind of transport. Do not wait the last moment to apply. The sooner, the better.

For further questions, contact us by email: info_romayouthcentre@yahoo.com

The DEADLINE to submit the application form is 25.02.2012

Anife Sabedinovska
Executive Director
Roma Youth Centre
address: Toso Angelovski Zidar 2,
1300 Kumanovo, Macedonia
phone: +38931613691