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Steamy YouTube Clip Riles EU Lawmakers


watch_headerThe European Commission has posted a montage of sex scenes from 
European films on a new video-sharing Web site, drawing criticism 
from some lawmakers who described it as "soft porn."

The Commission, which is the executive branch of the European Union,

launched its own channel on YouTube last week called EUTube, saying 
it wanted to spread messages about topics such as climate change and 
human rights.

 {YouTubeVideo id=koRlFnBlDH0}

Commission spokesman Martin Selmayr said the sex scene clips — drawn
from award-winning films such as "Amelie" and "Bad Education" — 
highlighted Europe's tradition of rich cinema.

The 44-second clip — titled "Film Lovers Will Love This!" — was 
posted last week on EUTube. It has been viewed more than 280,000 
times, far outpacing the second most popular video on the EUTube 
site, a humanitarian aid clip.

Eighteen couples, both straight and gay, are shown having sex in 
bedrooms, kitchens and restaurant bathrooms. As the groans build to a 
climatic finish, the phrase "Let's come together" flashes on the

Selmayr said Tuesday he had not received any complaints about the 
video, which was presented at the Berlin Film Festival in February as 
part of a four-video media campaign.

But EU lawmaker Maciej Giertych of Poland, from the conservative 
League of Polish Families, accused the commission of using "immoral 
methods" of promotion, according to the British Broadcasting Corp.

Godfrey Bloom of Britain's euro-skeptic U.K. Independence Party also 
criticized the video, calling it "soft porn" and "cheap, tawdry and 

The commission's foray onto the popular video-sharing Web site, he 
said, "was like watching an elderly relative trying to be cool: very 

The steamy clip, as well as the overall concept of EUTube, has 
generated heated exchanges on the channel's comment forum with 
opinions divided between outrage and admiration.