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Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Webinar for Nonprofits


kulDate: Tuesday, August 23
Time: 1pm-2:30 EDT
Cost: Free
How to Register: Sign up!
Presented By: Heather Mansfield

Based upon the soon-to-be-released book Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits, this webinar begins with defining Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0 communications and fundraising, and then quickly moves on to a discussion about the importance of integrating the tools from each era in order to maximize your nonprofit’s Return on Investment (ROI) from utilizing social media and mobile technology. Written as a step-by-step strategic plan, Social Media for Social Good is packed with hundreds of social media and mobile technology best practices and how to’s – 11 of which are featured in detail in this webinar (one from each chapter). Finally, the webinar closes with a brief conversation about what’s next in nonprofit communications and fundraising and the importance of early adoption.

Please Note: There is a limited number of attendees. Those that register before maximum capacity is reached will receive login and call-in information via email from GoToWebinar within 24 hours. Those that do not will be alerted of future webinar dates via email. This webinar will likely be presented monthly through the end of 2011.