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Slobodna mesta na kampovima – Nemacka, Spanija i Turska | 2011


muzika3Jos uvek niste nasli kamp za vas? Pogledajte opise kampova u nastavku i prijavite se! Onimа koji se po prvi put susreću sа volonterskim kаmpovimа, preporučujemo dа zа početаk posete  deo o kаmpovimа zа više detаljа o sаmim kаmpovimа, kаko oni izgledаju, zаšto se održаvаju itd.

A zаtim i deo zа više detаljа o procesu prijаvljivаnjа, а i strаnicu sа nаjčešće postаvljаnim pitаnjimа. Nаkon što se informišete, prаvаc pretrаživаč gde vаs očekuje gomilа sjаjnih kаmpovа i nа krаj ne zаborаvite dа se prijаvite. Od tehnikаlijа zа ovu sezonu izdvаjаmo dа člаnаrinа zа Volonterski servis Srbije ove godine iznosi 4200 dinаrа.
CPD13 PRENZLAU 22/08/2011-02/09/2011 SOCI, KIDS, MANU (age 18-26)
The City of Prenzlau is preparing for 2013, the Garden Show and has celebrated its 775-year-old foundation anniversary in 2009. It has applyied for the national competition Entente florale and will be hosting the national horticultural show in 2013. Prenzlau is the capital of the biggest county in Germany. The town is located approximately 100km north of the national capital Berlin, 50km from Stettin in Poland and 80 km from the Baltic Sea.
descr work    
The work will mostly consist of doing horticultural work for the embellishment of the town for its anniversary. Also there will be encounters with children in children facilities (playing and cooking together). The study part will be focused on exploring the nature of the Uckermark , the cultural and urban infrastructure and the cooperation with the polish neighbours.The Study part of the project will focus on learning the nature in the Uckermark, cultural and urban infrastructure, and focus on cooperation with the Polish neighbours.
descr accomodation and food    
You will live in the youth club Puzzle close to an international youth-and guesthouse. So you will have the chance to meet and get to know the local youth.
descr location and leisure    
Downtown with all its attractions and the lake are in close reach
SVIRI012 IGEA II, Igea 01/08/2011-15/08/2011 RENO (age 18-26) 6 vols
descr work    
Restoration of fossil beds: Cleaning the beds of dinosaur footprints. Filling the cracks. Waterproofing. Mending and fixing loose rock fragments.
descr accomodation and food    
descr location and leisure    
Igea is a small village situated in the ´Rioja Baja´. It´s 76 km. away from Logroño. Basic economy is agriculture and farm. It´s the main producer of honey of La Rioja. The ichnological outcrop of Igea spreads over a wide area. The most important beds of dinosaur footprints, in terms of easy access and quality are ´La Cañada´, ´Las Navas´, ´Santa Ana´ and ´La Torre´. The dinosaur ichnites are three-dactyl footprints and belong to two-footed dinosaurs (Theropod dinosaurs). Fossil-tree and Museum. Palace of the XVIth Century. Information about the lower part of the region of La Rioja (Rioja Baja), including geographical, economic and sociocultural aspects. Trips to areas of paleontological interest and fossiles.
descr requirements    
Sleeping bag, work and warm clothes, work gloves, raincoat, trainers and mountain boots
La Rioja. Province of La Rioja
SVICA011 CAMBERA DE LOS MOROS, San Vicente Del Monte 16/08/2011-30/08/2011 RENO, ENVI (age 18-30) 15 vols
REGION.- Region of Cantabria. Province of Cantabria (Santander). DESCRIPTION OF WORK.- Road´s maintenance and cleanness, clearing the ways, fixing land marks, signaling, to settle the paved road and the value enhancement, recovery of all the access to the road. COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES – LEISURE ACTIVITIES.- To visit cultural places in Santillana del Mar, Comillas, Santander, Llasca de los Moros, El Soplao caves, Neocueva Santillana del Mar caves, to practise snorkel, pirogues, to do workshop manuals, to go to San Vicente de la Barquera´s medieval market, to play Cantabrian bowling and petanque. Every evening spare time activities will be carried out. ACCOMMODATION/FOOD.- Youth Hostel of San Vicente del Monte – Treceño – Valdaliga´ city council (Cantabria). Accomodation is in a shelter with everything included. LOCATION.- San Vicente del Monte. LANGUAGES SPOKEN.- Spanish and english. THINGS TO BRING.- Mountain ´s boots, warm and cosy clothes, a swimming suit, a raincoat, a small knapsack to carry in the excursions, suncream and repellent to keep mosquitoes away, a beack towel, a cap slippers to be used in the river, stuff for personal higiene, European Health Card for EU volunteers. PROFILE – COMMITMENT OF PARTICIPANTS.- To make an effort doing the jobs assigned by the person in charge. INTERNAL RULES.- To show respect to people in charge, look after of all the equipment used, be on time, to do your duties every day.
GSM09 GURE, Gure 06/08-21/08 ENVI (age 18-28) 18 vols
Our partner is Gure Municipality. This will be our first cooperation with Gure Municipality. Information available at: http://www.gure.bel.tr
Work: The main activity in Gure will be landscaping around the town. The volunteers will be working 5 hours in the weekdays and do planting work.
Accommodation and food Cafeteria / Guesthouse
Location: Gure is a small Western Anatolian town located in the province of Balikesir. 150 km from Izmir. There are some thermal premises and national parks attracting tourists. The town is located near sea and Mount Ida.