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Slobodni kampovi – Spanija, Italija, Ceska Republika, Nemacka, Turska…

starJos uvek niste nasli kamp za vas? Pogledajte opise kampova u nastavku i prijavite se! Onimа koji se po prvi put susreću sа volonterskim kаmpovimа, preporučujemo dа zа početаk posete  deo o kаmpovimа zа više detаljа o sаmim kаmpovimа, kаko oni izgledаju, zаšto se održаvаju itd.

A zаtim i deo zа više detаljа o procesu prijаvljivаnjа, а i strаnicu sа nаjčešće postаvljаnim pitаnjimа. Nаkon što se informišete, prаvаc pretrаživаč gde vаs očekuje gomilа sjаjnih kаmpovа i nа krаj ne zаborаvite dа se prijаvite. Od tehnikаlijа zа ovu sezonu izdvаjаmo dа člаnаrinа zа Volonterski servis Srbije ove godine iznosi 4200 dinаrа.
GSM09 GURE, Gure 06/08-21/08 ENVI (age 18-28) 18 vols
Our partner is Gure Municipality. This will be our first cooperation with Gure Municipality. Information available at: http://www.gure.bel.tr
Work: The main activity in Gure will be landscaping around the town. The volunteers will be working 5 hours in the weekdays and do planting work.
Accommodation and food Cafeteria / Guesthouse
Location: Gure is a small Western Anatolian town located in the province of Balikesir. 150 km from Izmir. There are some thermal premises and national parks attracting tourists. The town is located near sea and Mount Ida.
CPD04 HALLE 19/07/2011-04/08/2011 RENO/CONS/MANU/TEEN 10 vols (age 16-26)
The Center for Youth and Family St. George in Halle offers a wide range of activities and rooms in order to support the special needs of kids and their families. This year you can help to rebuild a house and its environment as a kindergarden. At the same time you are invited to get to know some interesting sites of this region.
descr work 
Your help is needed in the following areas: Manual work inside of the building: the continuation of the interior construction, plastering, painting, lay out of the green area and playgrounds. The work is guided and accompanied by social workers and craftsmen. It is foreseen that you will work eight hours on four days of the week, including two hours break.
descr accomodation and food 
The project will provide food and accommodation, your help will in kitchen and cleaning the dishes will be welcome. We sleep inside the house in beds ore mattresses. Each participant should bring a sleeping bag and a sheet. In exceptional cases, a sleeping bag can be provided.
descr location and leisure 
Various leisure times are possible. It is organized and partially funded by the institution, which are partly as a variable offer for the group. – Hiking in the surrounding area, excoursions in Halle, the city of Handel and the salt boilers, including a visit to the salt museum, Handel House, Beatles Museum and a youth recreational facility, possibly Disco, to go swimming.
descr requirements 
Important are sturdy shoes and outdoor clothing for hiking and a backpack. It can be cold and rainy in Germany, even in summer.
languages  eng,ger
IJGD 1316 ECOLOGICAL, CREATIVE, DIFFERENT, Oberschleissheim RENO/ ENVI/STUD/ TEEN 08/08/2011-28/08/2011 (age 16-26) 18 vols
The Jugendbegegnungsstaette (JBS) am Tower was opened in September 2010 and has been serving as a new educational center in the area. Through its political, cultural, and intercultural offerings it contributes to a peaceful European and worldwide coexistence. During your stay at JBS you can live democratically and responsibly. You will have the opportunity to show your talents through various tasks, such as building a garden hut, planting various types of plants, further working on ecological and sustainable grocery boxes for future seminar groups, planning and building wooden furniture to add to the atmosphere of the center, caring for the pond and building walkways. The workshop has a large terrace, so you can work outside when the weather is nice.
descr accommodation and food
Catering: Meals will be prepared as a group. Accommodation: The group will be housed in the main house of the Jugendbegegnungsstaette (JBS) am Tower with a well-furnished kitchen. (www.jbs-am-tower.de).
descr location and leisure
Where: Bavaria; Dachau 12 km, Munich 20 km.Free Time: On the JBS grounds you have many choices, such as a beach volleyball court, a soccer field, a pool, a covered terrace, a grill and fire pit, musical instruments, and international songbooks. Since the grounds also have a historical background, there are small workshops where you can visit the German Museum in Oberschleissheim, visit the memorials on the JBS grounds, or learn about the military background of the area. You can also visit the former Dachau Concentration Camp. In the workshop building you can take part in professionally led workshops, such as in printing, welding, masonry, and pottery. In the nearby forest you can discover the Bavarian nature, go for a swim, or lay out in the sun. It is a 20 minute walk to the train station, and the 25 minute ride from there to Munich makes it readily accessible.
descr requirements
Good English or German skills are required. This camp is sponsored by Johnson Controls. The camp will start on a Monday and end on a Sunday.
languages ger,eng
airport MUC
station Oberschleissheim
PRO-6_11 MARBURG 06/08/2011-20/08/2011  LANG, TEEN (age 16-26) 10 vols
languages ger,ger
extrafee 160 EUR
Host organisation is the municipality of Marburg. For many years they have organised international volunteer camps already. It is a workcamp including German language training. The lectures will be two hours the day (excluding Saturday and Sunday when the group will go on excursions). The main topic during the lectures will be intercultural diversities. So the basis of the lectures will be firstly communication and secondly grammar. The teachers will be native speakers, partly trained teachers, partly students. The language-course will not have the same standard like a professional language-school, but experiences with this concept in the past have shown its success.
descr work
Participants are busy doing various manual works to prepare the area (youth-holiday-camp Freizeitgelande Stadtwald ) for (or after) the summer leisure activities of the municipality. It means for example clearing the place, gardening, painting, building up/taking down tents. Time of work will be 4-5 hours daily, excluding Saturday and Sunday.
descr accomodation and food
Accommodation will be in a house with several-bed-rooms, kitchen, bathroom, shower. Cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. will be done by the group itself. Like in each workcamp, accommodation, food and travel-costs for excursions are free as well as materials/copies needed for the lectures.
descr location and leisure
Marburg is a historical and picturesque old university town, 100 km north of Frankfurt/Main. It has 80.000 inhabitants, including 20.000 students (from actual 120 different countries). The camp is located in the area named Stadtwald in a youth-holiday-camp. It is not located in the centre, but not too far, and there is a good bus-connection.
descr requirements
Participants also must be willing to communicate with each other during the camp in German and not in English or own mother tongue for the whole time, not only during the lectures. This is one important part of the concept. Official confirmation for participating in the language-course will be given at the end of the camp.
airport FRA
station Marburg
Leg45 MONTEVECCHIA, Montevecchia 07/08/2011-20/08/2011 ENVI (age 18-99) 15 vols
The project takes place in the Curone Park which stands between the hills of Montevecchia and the valley crossed by the Molgoras stream. The area is rich in flora and fauna and it is characterized by heterogeneous environments and landscapes. The project aims to restore the existing paths as well as to place notices around the park. Volunteers will be also involved in preserving the meadows and cleaning the fountain (Fontanile Gallarati-Scotti) placed inside the park.
descr work
Volunteers will take part in mowing meadows grass and cleaning the fountain. Moreover, they will work on maintaining the paths and placing signals along them (a special attention will be paid on this activity since the park is a haunting ground).
descr accommodation and food
Volunteers will be hosted in a guesthouse, Montevecchia (LC). Language: English will be the official language of the work camp. Terminal: Milan Malpensa Airport, Milan Linate Airport, Orio al Serio Airport / Olgiate Molgora Railway Station.
descr location and leisure
Montevecchia and Curone Valley Parks, very important green area rich in biodiversity.
SDA 205 SUMMER IN SVOJSIN, Svojsin 17/07/2011-31/07/2011 RENO (age 18-99) 10 vols
Svojsin with its baroque castle is an ancient village located in Western Bohemia 40km west of Pilsen (Plzen). It was founded in the 12th century. The region has a very long and striking history. Czech, German and Jewish people were living here for centuries. World War II, the eviction of the German population and the communist era led to the negligence and devastation of many cultural and historical sites. In the last years the village is trying to renovate and preserve some important local cultural sites as the castle with its park.
descr work
The volunteers will work mainly in the park of the Svojsin castle: they will help to renew the park and some of its buildings and maintain those parts, which are already restored. In case of bad weather conditions you will work inside the various castle buildings, performing maintaining tasks. Study part: Learn more about the preservation of historical sites.
descr accommodation and food
In one of the buildings belonging to the castle. Meals will be partly prepared by the participants, partly served in a restaurant in the village.
descr location and leisure
Location: Svojsin
Leisure time: Trips to the surrounding countryside and to some historical towns nearby.
SVICA011 CAMBERA DE LOS MOROS, San Vicente Del Monte 16/08/2011-30/08/2011 RENO, ENVI (age 18-30) 15 vols
REGION.- Region of Cantabria. Province of Cantabria (Santander). DESCRIPTION OF WORK.- Road´s maintenance and cleanness, clearing the ways, fixing land marks, signaling, to settle the paved road and the value enhancement, recovery of all the access to the road. COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES – LEISURE ACTIVITIES.- To visit cultural places in Santillana del Mar, Comillas, Santander, Llasca de los Moros, El Soplao caves, Neocueva Santillana del Mar caves, to practise snorkel, pirogues, to do workshop manuals, to go to San Vicente de la Barquera´s medieval market, to play Cantabrian bowling and petanque. Every evening spare time activities will be carried out. ACCOMMODATION/FOOD.- Youth Hostel of San Vicente del Monte – Treceño – Valdaliga´ city council (Cantabria). Accomodation is in a shelter with everything included. LOCATION.- San Vicente del Monte. LANGUAGES SPOKEN.- Spanish and english. THINGS TO BRING.- Mountain ´s boots, warm and cosy clothes, a swimming suit, a raincoat, a small knapsack to carry in the excursions, suncream and repellent to keep mosquitoes away, a beack towel, a cap slippers to be used in the river, stuff for personal higiene, European Health Card for EU volunteers. PROFILE – COMMITMENT OF PARTICIPANTS.- To make an effort doing the jobs assigned by the person in charge. INTERNAL RULES.- To show respect to people in charge, look after of all the equipment used, be on time, to do your duties every day.
languages  ESP,ENG
SVIEK027 TRIANO II, Abanto Y Ciervana-Abanto Zierbena RENO, ENVI, SOCI 30/07/2011-13/08/2011 (18-25) 16 vols
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: This workcamp offers four activities so that participants can choose the one in which they feel more skillful or the one they consider most useful: These are the four fields of action: Recovery of an ancient mineral unloading place, located in Sahats Park. Restoration of a 20th century English vessel, located right opposite the house where volunteers will be hosted. Maintenance and restoration of signposts and furniture of Sahats Park, bearing in mind that 2011 is the International Year of Forests. Creating and building a shelter and stable for pottoks (little horses of the Basque Country). These activities will be developed in the morning. In the afternoons, we want to work on seminar-like sessions, in which we will deal with two main topics: the European Year of Volunteering (http://www.eyv2011.be/site/eng) and the International Year of Forests. DESCRIPTION OF THE TASKS: The objective of this workcamp is based on the voluntary participation of young people from all over the world in the development of a community work with socially excluded people, combining environmental activities, construction and woodwork. The developed task will benefit the community, encourage solidarity and enhance personal development. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: Availability: the workcamp is a place where my participation is fundamental. Meeting point: I am ready to learn from others, from their cultures, and their customs. Nature: The location of the workcamp instils respect for environment. Attitude: I am ready to work, enjoy, and cohabitate. Activities: The activities are far from usual, and seek an alternative model. Experiences: Each person opens his/her mind to a world different from his/her element. Surrounding area: there are certain moments to discover the vicinity through excursions, leisure activities… Rules: they are necessary to run the workcamp and to create an atmosphere of real cohabitation.
descr accomodation and food    
ACCOMMODATION/FOOD: Triano cohabitation house.The house has two dining rooms, a room with 8 beds (bunk beds) and some individual bedrooms. One of the bathrooms is adapted to handicapped people. The workcamp will end after breakfast between 9 AM and 10 AM, on the last day.
languages: ESP,ENG
COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES – LEISURE ACTIVITIES: The activity team will prepare a series of activities so that participants on the project get to know something more about the culture and the customs of the Basque Country (sports activities, games, excursions, cultural visits¿). Basque Country (sports activities, games, excursions, cultural visits¿). The following visits have been programmed: Visit to the mining museum in the area. Visit to the Meaztegi golf course. Visit and enjoy La Arena beach. Mining routes. Excursion to Gernika and San Juan de Gaztelugatxe The team will take into account volunteers¿ proposals. These activities will take place in the afternoons and weekends, and all those in the workcamp group will participate. LOCATION: Abanto-Zierbena is a municipality in the province of Biscaye (Basque Country). It is an emblematic municipality with respect to iron-ore exploitation, especially at the end of 19th century, when it was an important exportation point towards Europe. That fact boosted the industrialization process in Biscaye.Triano is a small neighbourhood of Abanto, with a population of only 52 inhabitants. Getting lost in this area is a unique experience that delights every visitor. Abanto-Zierbena has been unknown for a long time both to tourists and to a big part of Biscaye. That’s why any season is perfect to come and discover not only the relevance of its mining history, but also its rich architecture and heritage, as well as its wide options for rural tourism in offer.