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Change Your World 2011!


godinamladihlogoDid you know this year is the International Year of Youth (IYY)? And did you know that on August 12th is International Youth Day? Well, you do now! International Youth Day (IYD) is a day of awareness recognized by the United Nations which aims to draw attention to youth issues around the world.

“Change Your World” is a campaign initiated by Global Changemakers and in collaboration with the UN Programme on Youth with the goal of supporting the International Year of Youth and celebrating International Youth Day.

How can you participate in the campaign?

The idea is to organize as many activities as possible from NOW until International Youth Day. This can range from helping out your neighbors to organizing an awareness concert, and from a flash mob to a beach clean up.

…So, what will YOUth be doing to raise awareness on the International Youth Day?

Take action, Change Your World!

Anyone can participate. So, that means you too.

Step 1. Pledge your commitment on the UN International Year of Youth Calendar of Events page: http://social.un.org/IYYevents/

Don’t forget to title your event “Change Your World + (the name of your event)” .

Step 2. After sending your Waiver of Liability Form to youth@un.org, you will receive an email with the International Year of Youth logo to use for your event.

Step 3. After this, immediately navigate to our Facebook page. You can upload photos, videos, and a brief description of your initiative.

Make sure to cross-link this FB page with your online accounts and websites to maximize your project’s exposure. Keep in mind, the five projects with the most likes will be presented at the next Global Changemakers Youth Summit and will receive an International Year of Youth poster signed by Monique Coleman, Hollywood star and UN Youth Champion.

Show the world what YOUth can do.

Be a part of it. Sign up now.