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What kind of society do you want to live in?


aufto2Apply for Balkans let’s get up! until 31st March!   Make a change in your society Learn project management Find friends from all over the Balkans

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Why get up?

Imagine you are the president of your country. What would you do?

Fight corruption? Spend more money for schools or the health system? Create new laws to protect the environment? Support small business?

Great! But you are not (yet) president of your country…

Never mind! We believe you can change something in your society without having to be the president.


Take part in the “Balkans, let’s get up!”-programme and learn how to.

During the programme…

…you are going to discuss about your societies with other young people from the Balkans. You will learn more about democracy and civil society, experience how they practically work and which role you could take there. Boring?! We use creative, sometimes crazy, but certainly practical methods. You will learn project management, develop and implement your own idea. Furthermore we focus on intercultural topics, teamwork and conflict management.

Together with 20 young people you will take part in our “Balkans, let’s get up!”-programme, consisting of 4 steps.

1. Kick-off seminar, 7th-15th May, Sarajevo

-> Topic: What kind of society do you want to live in? You will get to know your colleagues, discuss and create your own projects.

2. Advanced training, 2nd half of July, in one of the participating countries

-> You will deepen your skills in project management and further develop your project idea.

3. Implementation of your project, July-October

-> Supported by a project grant you will implement your project. An experienced mentor will be at your side.

4. Evaluation seminar, first half of November, in one of the participating countries

-> You will evaluate and present your project to the public, and think about further steps to stay involved and make a change in your society.

All seminars are run by experienced young international trainers from the participating countries, Austria and Germany.


  • age 18 to 27
  • ability to discuss in English (not necessarily fluent)
  • citizenship of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania or Serbia
  • motivation and time to take part in each step of the programme


  • 10 €, all costs are covered, travel expenses will be refunded.

How to apply


Apply here until 31st March 2011.

Send us:

  • a letter of motivation: Why do you want to take part in “Balkans, let’s get up!“? Tell us in 200 – 350 words about your personality and your motivation.
  • an answer to the questions “What kind of society do you like to live in? What can be your contribution to make it become true?”
    Write a short story, text, dialogue, poem or whatever you prefer (300-450 words).

You have never taken part in a seminar, do not know anything about project management, you do not study? No matter, do apply!





Balkans, let’s get up! – Who are we?

“Balkans, let’s get up!” inspires and empowers young adults from nine Balkan countries to become active citizens and initiate change in their societies. Within our programme the participants learn about democracy and civil society, develop project management skills and implement their own project ideas. The educational modules of the programme are based on learning through experience and aim at strengthening teamwork, taking up responsibility and critical thinking. Empathy and appreciation play a special role in our supportive approach.