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Youth Peace Ambassadors project


book0What? The Youth Peace Ambassadors project promotes and supports young people in peace-building activities that contribute to living together in justice, dignity and dialogue.
The project is the result of a need assessment done by European youth organisations and builds up on the particular contribution and perspective that youth work and youth policy can bring to peace-building processes in Europe, especially through its preventive and educational nature. The project combines residential training, distance learning and field initiatives supported by a European network and is run from 2011 to 2013. Applications to be part of the first group of “ambassadors” are now open.

Who? Applications are welcome from youth leaders coming from conflict-affected communities, such as as those experiencing or recovering from armed conflict, terrorism, frozen conflict, rise of racist discourse, nationalism and xenophobia, the escalation of hate speech and hate crime, discrimination and social exclusion, especially related to the Roma community, migrants and refugees.


The deadline to apply is Monday 28th February 2011 (midnight European time)