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Developing Youth Capacity to Promote Intercultural Dialogue


seminar.jpegOvaj trening program će pokušati da razvije veštine učesnika u oblasti komunikacije. Trening se sastoji iz pet modula.Organizator će pokriti troškove smeštaja, transporta i vize. Rok za konkurisanje : 24.06.2007.


Training the Trainers – Developing Youth Capacity to Promote Intercultural Dialogue
August 24 – 31, 2007, Oradea, Romania
Aplication deadline: June 24, 2007

The Train The Trainer program aims to develop participants skills in training development and delivery in order to generate optimum learning outcomes and improved performance.

The training course is based on Accelerated Learning methodology. Accelerated Learning is based on the latest research on brain and learning. It is open and flexible. It gets learners totally involved. It appeals to all learning styles. It energizes and rehumanizes the learning process. It seeks to make learning enjoyable. And it is solidity committed to results, results, results.

What you will learn:
Module 1: Learning Theories: Brain friendly learning, Participant Learning styles
Module 2: Accelerated Learning: Accelerated Learning, Phases of the learning cycle – A.C.T. -model, Developing educational activities for each of the phases
Module 3: Training Design (Plan): The basic of Training Design, Planning a training, Instructional Objectives, Developing learning materials
Module 4: Skills and Tools for Trainers: Strategies for presenting content, Feedback, Debriefing
Module 5: Intercultural competences

Participation conditions
ACT Association will:
* Cover 100% cost of accommodation and meals
* Reimburse 100% of travel costs
* Reimburse 100% of visa costs.

There is no participation fee.

More information
Web: www.act.org.ro, http://train-the-trainer.ro/ttt-program
E-mail: act@act.org.ro