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6 Training Courses on European Citizenship (2007)


koalicijalogo.jpgTraining Courses on European Citizenship (2007) From October 2007 to March 2008, a new series of six Training Courses on European Citizenshipwill take place. The Training Courses were developed by the Partnership in co-operation with the SALTO TC RC and will be implemented by

 the Network of National Agencies of the Youth in Action Programme.

EC-UK in the United Kingdom, 15-21 October, 2007

EC-HU in Hungary, 26 November-2 December, 2007

EC-TR in Turkey, 29 October-4November, 2007

EC-PL in Poland, 28 January-3 February 2008

EC-DK in Denmark in co-operation with Liechtenstein 12-18 November, 2007

EC-IT in Italy, 4-10 February 2008

Aim of the training courses on European Citizenship "The training courses on European Citizenship aim to support the professional development of youth workers and youth leaders by extending their critical understanding of European Citizenship, exploring and experiencing its potential and by enabling them to recognise and integrate European Citizenship in their youth work".

Objectives of the training courses on European Citizenship To critically explore the meaning relevance and implications European citizenship in youth work in all its dimensions;
To promote and facilitate the active use of programmes and structures in support of youth work on European Citizenship, including the Youth in Action programme;
To experiment and explore the potential of European Citizenship for active democratic change in society;
To associate the participants with the current discourse on European Citizenship (its concepts, formal meanings and expressions)
To exemplify (make clear, make explicit) the connection between European Citizenship, Human Rights, Democracy and ICL and the underlying values.

Target group for the training courses on European Citizenship
The course is intended for 25 individuals working with young people in a professional capacity on a paid or voluntary basis (e.g. youth workers, youth leaders, community and social workers) who:
have experience in developing and managing directly a project with and for young people;
have organised or co-organised at least one youth project with an international dimension;
are committed and motivated to work directly with young people on issues related to European Citizenship;
are supported by their organisation in their current and future work;
have a general knowledge and understanding of youth and youth work realities in their contexts;
are motivated to undergo training and able to attend the course for its full duration;
are able to work in English and
are resident in a Member State of the Council of Europe or in another country signatory to the ECC.

How to apply?
The call for applications contains links to the on-line application form. The course description underlines the background, target group, main themes and programme flow of the courses.

Important! There are different deadlines and different application forms for applicants from Programme countries and for applicants from Neighbouring Partner countries.

If you are a national from one of the so-called "Neighbouring Partner Countries" in Eastern European and Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine) and in South East Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro, Serbia), please apply through the following on-line application form:

(Deadline for applications: 15 July 2007).