– European Youth Congress Austria 2007


evropski kongres mladihEvery young person between 18-25* interested in taking part in the European Youth Congress 2007 should apply online by filling in the appropriate application form. The only condition is the European citizenship (not necessarily EU) and your ability of communicating in English language.

We will treat each application equally, regardless of age, gender or disabilities. However we have to be convinced that you are motivated to fully get involved in the congress program and that you realize your own project after the Congress.

If you have not applied yet, NOW is the time to do so – ahead of the extended deadline for Applications: Friday 15th June 2007. (Apply as soon as possible, as applications are being read as they come in – and some places are allocated already!) Applicants with no prior experience in youth-led work are mostly welcome to apply. A significant number of the participants (about a half) will be young people with little or no experience in youth-led projects who can benefit most from the Congress.

If you do not fit into the mentioned age group but still want to apply, please contact us!
Costs: Travel costs. (Food and accommodation is covered.)

Part 1) Application

Download the application here, fill it in and send it to: info@eyc2007.eu
Please don't forget to attach a picture of yours (so that we can prepare name badges in advance of the congress).

In case you have any technical problems please contact info@eyc2007.eu

Part 2) Europass Curriculum Vitae (optional)

We would be happy if you could fill in a "Europass Curriculum Vitae" and send it to us as well. This information about your educational background, language skills and additional skills or experience helps us planning the detailed programm better.

Leave out irrelevant fields in section 2 and 3, but make sure you fill in section 1, 4, 5, and 6. In case you prefer not filling in the Europass CV, you don't have to.

Start the-Tool at http://www.eyc2007.eu/index.php?page=application, send the CV as Adobe® PDF to info@eyc2007.eu.

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