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.BIMUN – Education for the world of diplomacy


 The United Nations Association of Serbia is organizing for the sixth time in a row the "BELGRADE INTERNATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS – BIMUN" in Belgrade from 05 to 08 March 2009. Participants at the BIMUN are social science students from all over the world. BIMUN gives students a possibility to learn more about current international issues and ways to resolve them within the UN system, to apply basic diplomatic courtesy and also contributes to development of their personal skills (public speaking, negotiations, debating and compromise).

In this educational exercise, students take over roles of UN diplomats, represent different countries and discuss certain topics, which are on the agenda. Participants, as delegates, elaborate strategy, prepare resolutions, negotiate and resolve conflicts, following the UN procedure. ''BIMUN 2009'' will be an opportunity for new experiences, diplomatic debates and young leaders networking. The working language of the conference will be English.

"Belgrade International Model UN – BIMUN 2009" will feature comprehensive simulations of the following UN bodies, with focus on real-life agenda items:

THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL: ''The Future of UN Peacekeeping Operations''

GENERAL ASSEMBLY III Committee: '' Implementing of the World Programme of Action for Youth – participation of youth''

HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL: "Gender equality in the countries of South East Europe"

UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE COMMITTEE: "Protection of the World Heritage and Climate Changes"

BIMUN PLENUM: ''UN and EU: cooperation and competences' '.

Eligible to take part in this event are social science students and postgraduates up to 30 years of age, fluent in English. Also, one has to send filled in application form and a motivation letter, up to 250 words.

Application: from December 1, 2008 – January 20, 2009.

Best participants will get a financial award and a chance to participate in ''BIMUN Plus'' Project.

For further information about the conference itself and the application procedure, please visit: www.bimun-unaserbia.org

Contact and application: United Nations Association of Serbia
E-mail: bimun.unaserbia@gmail.com