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Dugorocno volontiranje u Grckoj sa decom sa posebnim potrebama


 We are happy to announce that we still have free places for our EVS project with handicapped children in Athens, Greece (application deadline 1st September 2008).  The project is for one year (starting December 2008 or January 2009) and it is also open for volunteers with disabilities (preferably) and/or social disadvantaged (2-6 months depending on the occation). 

A bit of information about our project:

KAAPV is a state institution housing 100 multiply disabled children and young people who have been abandoned by their families.  Despite changes in mentality over the last years, the children living there are still cut off society and spend a big part of their time doing nothing. The volunteers offer the institutionalised children extra care and stimulation and function as a bridge between the institution and the outside world. The volunteers help with daily care tasks (e.g. accompanying kids to school, bathing, feeding), and, most importantly, organise free-time activities for all the residents (swimming, walks, games, etc.). Thanks to their youth and enthusiasm, volunteers affect the staff of the institution in a positive way, helping break the routine, bringing new ideas and making the staff see the children with a new perspective. Besides, contact with different cultures broadens the horizons of staff, volunteers and children alike, and increases intercultural understanding.  Also, through working with children who are doubly excluded from society due to disability and institutionalisatio n, the volunteers become sensitised to the problems of the disabled and resume an active role in resolving them.  Finally, the volunteers gain not only valuable skills and experience which may be useful in their future career but also a sense of responsibility and social involvement. The project is aimed at developing the volunteers at a personal and professional level, and has experience from hosting over 50 EVS volunteers over 6 years. 

You can see also find out more about our project on the database of EVS approved projects (code 2005-GR-5). For more information we will be happy to answer your questions,

Warmest wishes for 2008,


Nadia Pinatsi

Sigurd Goth

EVS Coordinators

Taxiarhon 34, 17455 Alimos
tel/fax: 0030 210 9840183
mob: 0030 69 363 88 452 (Sigurd)
mob: 0030 69 769 00 631 (Nadia)