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Coloured hose of youth and culture


 Name:  “Coloured hose of youth and culture“
Date: 16.07.2007. – 28.07.2008.
Number of volunteers: 5 domestic + 10 foreign

Coloured house of youth and culture

Bačko Petrovo Selo (Péteréve – Hungarian) is typical multinational settlement in the municipality of Bečej, more than 900 years old, with 7318 inhabitants. It is situated not only in the geographical heart of northern Serbian province Vojvodina, it is in hearts of all inhabittants. Bačko Petrovo Selo stands on right bank of river Tisa, 62km from Novi Sad, capitol of Vojvodina. There are a numerous cultural and historical monuments, more than 12 different nationalities and it is perfect example of tolerant place.

During the summer, Bačko Petrovo Selo (BPS) is quite active village, with several summer festival dedicated to its multicultural wealth with participation of few hundred kids and youth. BPS have three active etno artistic societeies which are the stakes of cultural living. All of them are practicing in the “Culture house” which is the place of theatre, dance, painting, youth etc. The aim of this work camp is giving new color of “Culture house” and through work motivation of youth and kids from BPS to take active role.

W: Volunteers will work on paitning the interior of „Culture hose“. Volunteers will aslo be involved in preparation of intercultural evenings, parties, film projections…

A: Workcamp will be situated on five minutes from the center of Bačko Petrovo Selo, in the rooms of local football club.

Sleeping bags are necessary. All meals will be prepared by volunteers. Showers and toilettes are available.

S: Various workshops, pool and Tisa river visits, excursion to »Fantast« lake and castle. Also volunteers will visit orthodox monastery and catholic churche and town hall. During the camp, volunteers will have opportunity to enjoy in the festival »Cucumber days«. Volunteers will be introduced with our traditions and customs.

L: English.

Q: No special qualifications are required. Craft in painting the walls is welcome  🙂

T: Bačko Petrovo Selo

X: Please bring some caracteristic games and/or food from your country. Working gloves, sleeping bags, swimming suit and sun protection also.

Sence of humor is more than welcome!

Vojislav Prkosovački
Saradnik za mlade Opštine Becej
021/6911-720 lok.138