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SUMMER SCHOOL – MEditerranean Summer School of Theoretical and Applied Humanities


camp1.jpegMEditerranean Summer School of Theoretical and Applied Humanities
»Re-thinking Europe : Slavism as an Aspect of European Identity«
Koper, 22 June–6 July, 2007
University of Primorska , Faculty of Humanities Koper

This year’s Summer School, entitled » Re-thinking Europe: Slavism as an Aspect of European Identity«, will attempt to provide answers to questions related to the current role of Europe and the European Union in the global context, and the role of ‘Slavism’ within the examined framework. Our intention is to investigate the formation and changing of the idea of ‘Slavism’ within historical and linguistic discourse and the framework of Europe , and how the idea is today actualized in political discourse and the fields of the humanities. The anthropological, religiological, sociological, and mythological sections will focus on critical consideration of ‘Slavism’ or Slavic identity, with special emphasis on the processes of the construction of boundaries among the ‘Slavic’, ‘Romance’, and ‘Germanic’ worlds. Attention will also be paid to some socio-geographical views of and reflections upon Europe , and current social-spatial and development dilemmas from the perspective of social-cultural and political-strategic circumstances characterizing the contact area of intertwining and integration (or disintegration). The interlacing of linguistic, literary, and cultural identities will represent the central topic in the discussion of the construction of linguistic and national identities. Within this framework, linguistic and literary contacts as well as the dynamic structure of the cultural exchange among Slavic nations (e.g., Slovenes, Czechs, Poles, and Russians) will be examined.

Let us re-think Europe together and position the constructions of Slavism in the European and global community!

Application Deadline: 14 May 2007

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For further information visit http://www.fhs.upr.si/english/izvori/13-1.htm