“Youth culture as a sustainable path to democratic society”


 CDN (Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe www.cdnee.org) is announcing a call for members of the international preparatory group (prep team) of the summer camp "Youth culture as a sustainable path to democratic society". This project will take place from 20th to 27st of July 2008 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This event has been so far financially supported by Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation and the Green Forum, Sweden. Profile of the participants

This call is open for applicants coming from any of the Council of Europe member states (listed bellow) and Belarus. The participants should be interested in the topics of this event, willing to take active part in the planned activities and open for new experiences and people. The advantage (but not the condition) is to have green organisation background and the experience with the topics of the event. Considering that this is a youth event the participants will not be younger then 17 and older then 32.

We would like to keep participation open for people of different education levels and with different backgrounds. Important is the diversity of experience and knowledge. The allocation of participants will be based on gender and geographical balance. We will use the application files standard procedure.

DEADLINE for submitting the application (filled in applications form attached to the call) to summercamp@cdnee.org is 1st of June 2008 at 12AM CET.

General conditions

If accepted as participant to this event, you should arrange your travel in most environmental friendly and economic way. You are expected to arrive before 20th of July and depart only after 2 am on 27th of July.

The organisers will partly reimburse your travel expenses. At the moment we are not able to confirm the exact amount but we are aiming to be able to support up to 70% of your travel costs, upon presentation of all the original receipts. Accommodation, meals, educational materials and refreshments will be provided by organisers for the entire duration of the activity, free-of-charge. The participation fee for the event will be set at later stage aiming at around 30 euro per participant.

Project information

Where and when the meeting be held
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
20.- 27. July 2008


The main themes of this event are youth culture and artistic, creative activism as a tool for young people to take active participation in politics and social changes towards more open, democratic and diverse society.

We want to:

Support active participation of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other non-EU countries (SEE and Former Soviet Union countries) by creating more space for alternative and informal participation of young people.

Explore and discuss the youth culture, its elements and cultural impact that it has to the positive changes of the society towards social inclusion and equal opportunities.

Support changes of the society in which young people are truly able to express their political thoughts and ideas.

Learn about public art and street activism role in development of youth culture and sustainable and democratic society.


By locating social obstacles and prejudices of youth life-style based on intergenerational and intercultural misunderstandings we wish to improve mutual understanding and lower prejudices between mentioned groups and to support the vision of citizenship built and guaranteed on equal rights for all individuals regardless of gender, race, age, religion, class, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, disability, wealth or health.

In the course of the seminar, we would like to promote the activism of youth organizations and youth non formal groups in post-communist countries, and in general, enhance the active citizenship of the youth of that specific region by offering them tools to take active part in democratic processes

By using creative/artistic ways we want to encourage direct action against different forms of discrimination (sexism, racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia), against authoritarianism and against hierarchical order in society.

The seminar program will consist of workshops, educational games, discussion groups, role play, open space technology workshop and lectures. Additionally we will form working groups that will during the seminar focus on expressing their view on role of the youth culture through different art mediums (word poetry, original music, dance, theater and visual arts). This will also support future activities by participants and organisation to continue the work we have started.

Working groups will be formed in order to come up with recourses for future projects, fresh ideas and views.

We want to make working atmosphere closer to young people from eastern countries same time keeping the short distance with general methods that western participants are used to.

We will also use these practices to organize manifestation in the public in order to support and promote youth culture and youth activism. We will invite local youth initiatives to join.


We will use multipart composed of lectures, presentations, workshops, role plays, games, discussion groups, panel debates, working groups, taking part in local activities (actions). We want to make working atmosphere closer to young people from eastern countries same time keeping the short distance with general methods that western participants are used to.

Working groups will be formed in order to come up with recourses for future projects, fresh ideas and views. We will also focus on personal experiences and interactive learning that will ensure equal opportunities for all to contribute.

To ensure practical follow-up we will create report and social committee so participants are able to be part of preparing and reporting different parts the seminar.

Prep team application form is sent together with this call and also can be downloaded at our web site www.cdnee.org. To repeat: DEADLINE for submitting the application (filled in applications form) to summercamp@cdnee.org is 1th of June 2008 at 12AM CET.