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CfA: International Youth Media Summit, Belgrade


kamera.jpegMedia Education Centre will be Organizer of the 3rd International Youth Media Summit will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, 20th to 27th August 2008. International Youth Media Summit was founded by Ms. Evelyn Seubert from Cleveland High School USA and Ms. Aileen Marshal from South

Lanarkshire Council in Scotland. During July 21-30, 2006, the first summit was held in LA presented by 'Listen Up!' and 'Learning for Life' as well as being mainly funded by IRMAS Charitable Foundation and HealthNet. Second International Youth Media Summit was in Sydney, Australia, 1st to 7th July 2007.

The outcomes are Public Service Announcements (PSAs) filmed and edited by student filmmakers as well as researched and prepared by the student diplomats.

This program is exclusively designed to provide Skill and Professional Development as well as familiarizing the young participants with codes and standards of Media. Also, provide media platform for young adults to express and present the seven significant issues relating to them globally:

Racism | Violence | Poverty | Youth Empowerment | Women Empowerment | Health | Environment

All delegates chose an issue group, and when in Belgrade they worked with others in their issue group to:

. Create resolutions of action to present to the United Nations and their home countries.

. Create public service announcements that will encourage other teens to become actively involved in creating change.

. Share their past successes with each other, including videos, collaborative projects, work at other teen summits and with other organizations.

. Plan FUTURE work TOGETHER through internaTIONal media exchange projects.

If you are organization working with young people (15 to 22) and media and you are interested on 3rd International Youth Media Summit please register and write your question-comments on the IYMS Blog Category – http://www.roamingreporters.net/RRWP/