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The second International Student Week in Belgrade – ISWiB 2007


The second International Student Week in Belgrade, ISWiB 2007, will be held from June 28 till July 5 in the capital of Serbia. Heading motto of this year's meeting is "Update Local to Get Global". More than 130 students and young people from all around Europe will gather in order to take part in various interactive workshops and discussions, and also to hear interesting lectures on some of the current issues.

Applications started through the Internet and participants are offered to join one of the following workshops: Society, Economics, Ecology, Culture & Arts, Media, Education, Psychology, Photo art, and Video Art. Workshop leaders will be postgraduate students, experienced trainers, international experts, and university professors.

This is the second International Student Week in Belgrade, since the first one was held last year, from June 30 till July 5. The project is originated and led by a student and youth organization "World Youth Wave – Serbia" from Belgrade. Partners in ISWiB 2007 are also students and youth organizations – Students Union of Serbia and Green Youth of Serbia. We have excellent cooperatio with German cultural centre – Goethe-Institut Belgrade, European Movement in Serbia, and Students Cultural Centre Belgrade. Official support comes from The People's Office of the President of Serbia and National Bank of Serbia.

All European students and those from the other continents but studying in Europe at the moment can apply for ISWiB.
All fields of study are welcome, there are no special requirements. Recently graduated students are also welcome.

Participation Fee is 50 euros for foreign participants and 25 euros for the participants from Serbia.

Application deadline is April 1, 2007.

Application form in attachment.

The official language of ISWiB is English.