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CALL FOR PARTCIPANTS Training Course “Active Role of Youth in Peace-Building”


Training aims to equip group of young people with competencies to develop local and/or international activities and projects that promote peace, intercultural dialog and are against violence and hate speech. Target organizations are those coming from conflict and post conflict areas as well as regions where tensions and hate speech of different backgrounds are increasing.



  •  Concepts of Peace – peace building, peace keeping, reconciliation;
  •  Culture of war and culture of peace;
  •  Hate speech, conflict transformation– concepts, practices and tools;
  • Reducing intolerance tension and violence;
  • Rasing awarenes about community and international level conflict challenges and how to address them;
  •  Intercultural understanding and learning;
  •  Active role of young people in peace-building and conflict transformation;
  •  Implementing educational/culture and art/ volunteering projects with broader aim of peace building;
  •  Project management basis and organizing public activities;
  •  Open space for ideas and preparation of actions, initiatives or projects of participants organizations;
  •  Networking and follow up of the TC;


  •  age between 18 and 35
  •  motivated for participating in this Training and aware of the Training topic, aim and objectives
  • actively involved in activities of the organization and initiatives in local or international community
  •  able to work in English
  •  ready and willing to share gained knowledge and experience with the members of your organization
  • able to actively attend and participate during entire duration of the Training, in each session
  • responsible person open for learning experience

Participants will be accommodated in Youth Training Hostel in beautiful rural surroundings of city Vlasenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Organisers will provide 3 meals and 2 coffee breaks per day. The selected participants will receive the detailed Info-Pack with more information about all practical issues of this training and other useful information.


  •  90% of the total travel costs will be reimbursed ONLY for the cheapest way of transport (according to the travel costs table which you can find in attachment);
  • Travel costs will be reimbursed by bank transfer to organization’s bank account, AFTER participant provide us with ALL ORIGINAL TICKETS and required documents;
  • Travel plan MUST be previously approved by organizers;
  • Participants must keep all travel documents (tickets, gas bills, travel agency invoices and boarding passes), as organizers are able to make reimbursement only on the bases of presented documents.

We invite participants to apply for this training and fill out the online application form HERE.
ONLY COMPLITED registration forms will be admitted. Also, in the case that chosen participant cancel his/her presence on the Training, the sending organization is required to replace him/her as soon as possible with another participant of their NGO.
For any additional information feel free to contact us via e-mail: training@seeyn.org
We are looking forward to your application!
SEEYN Training Center