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European Voluntary Service

According to the Youth in Action Programme Guide, all EVS volunteers have the right and responsibility to attend programme related training sessions before, during and after their EVS activity. SALTOYOUTH SEE Resource Centre is responsible for providing the volunteers in the South East Europe region

with the full EVS training cycle (pre-departure, on-arrival, mid-term and final evaluation). The aim is to contribute to the quality of EVS projects involving SEE countries, and to ensure the support volunteers are entitled to get within the EVS project.

SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC is looking for training providers, who will be contracted on a case-bycase basis to implement a training programme in the EVS training sessions organized by SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC.

Content of the trainings:
The content of the EVS trainings in SEE is in accordance with the commonly agreed Minimum Quality Standards for EVS trainings set by the European Commission. Please consult www.salto-youth.net/seeEVS/ for objectives and priority areas SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC has set for the EVS trainings in the SEE region in particular.

Profile of the training provider:
The training provider must be a legally established and recognized entity – an organisation or a company, which can appoint (a) particular trainer(-s) for the purpose of EVS trainings in SEE. SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC bases its selection specifically on the perceived competence of the appointed trainer(-s).

Profile of the trainer:
– Overall trainer and facilitator skills with regard to working with international groups in the frame of nonformal education and youth work;
– Experience in applying a variety of training methods in order to foster initiativeness and stimulate ideas and discussion among the participants;
– Sound knowledge and experience of the Youth in Action Programme;
– Ability to independently plan and implement a training programme according to the guidelines provided by SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC;
– Knowledge on / experience with a specific context of youth NGO work in South East Europe is an advantage;
– Previous experience in implementing EVS trainings is an advantage;

Tasks of the trainer:
The trainer is expected to plan the programme for an appointed event in consultation with SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC.
A need for a preparatory meeting is considered on a case-bycase basis. The event itself is implemented in cooperation with the trainer and assigned member of SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC team. However, the trainer is expected to take the leading role in implementation of the educational activities while the SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC takes the responsibility of practical arrangements in the venue.

SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC wishes to establish a pool of training providers for the purpose of implenting EVS trainings in the SEE region. Upon a request by SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC, one of the selected training providers will be contracted regarding an individual training (on the basis of mutual convenience between SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC, the training provider and the trainer). Please note that being a selected training provider does not necessarily mean that the provider will be recruited. However, priority in implementation of EVS trainings arranged by SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC will be given to the training providers selected in this call.

Time involvement and fee:
At the moment (2007) SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC foresees to select training providers for on-arrival and mid-term trainings only. The lenght of an on-arrival training is 3 working days and the lenght of a mid-term training is 2 working days. Each training includes 1 day for preparation (prior to arrival at the venue). The daily fee is 230 Euros

SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC and the training provider will establish a service contract, and the final fee will be negotiated on the basis of the daily fee and the additional expenses ( mainly for travelling to the venue and back) the training provider foresees to have regarding the event.

SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC will provide the appointed trainer accommodation and full board in the venue during the actual working days + 1 night before and 1 night after the official programme.

Dates of the trainings (2007):
Please consult www.salto-youth.net/seeEVS/ for the planned dates for the trainings. However, please note that the dates (and location) are subject to change!

Application procedure:
All applicants must fill in the application form (in attachment, also available on the SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC web site) and send it by email or fax to SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC.

Deadline for submitting applications is 3rd of September 2007

Contact person:
Maija Lehto
EVS Training Coordinator
E-mail: Maija.Lehto@mva.si
Tel: +386 1 430 47 47

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