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Youth Peace Ambassadors: Human Dignity and Peace Building by Young People

The Youth Peace Ambassadors is a project of the Council of Europe’s Directorate of Youth and Sport promoting the role of young people in peace-building activities that contribute to living together in dignity and dialogue.

The projects is centred on a network of young people from all member states of the Council of Europe who, upon receiving training at the European Youth Centres, will promote and apply the values of the Council of Europe in conflict-affected areas and communities.


The project is the result of a needs assessment done by European youth organisations and builds up on the particular contribution and perspective that youth work and youth policy can bring to peace-building processes in Europe, especially through its preventive and educational nature.

The Youth Ambassadors for Peace project was proposed by the Advisory Council on Youth and endorsed by the Joint Council on Youth of the Council of Europe


This call is for the third and final group, group C, that will be launched within the framework of this project. The future youth peace ambassadors from group C will gather at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg from 23 to 29 January 2012, for a training session on human rights in conflict-affected communities. The group is composed of 25 young people aged 18 to 26.

Participants will also undergo training sessions in which these topics will be discussed, will also develop an intercultural understanding of conflict affecting their communities and will start preparing follow-up initiatives to carry out in their communities and in the associations they represent in the project.
This is the first seminar out of three to be attended by the future youth ambassadors from 2011 through 2012. The network of ambassadors will be launched at a meeting with the Parliamentary Assembly in November 2012.

Call and presentation for Youth Peace Ambassadors Groups C (call closed on Friday 21 October 2011)

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